Wow, I had no intention of watching an hour and half lecture about negotiation skills but that fella had me instantly. He was like a big bucket of Lawrence Tierney with a dash of William Forsythe. I could listen to him aaalllllll day.

Excellent speaker, engaging delivery, quite a few Satanic principles, phrases I will remember for eternity ("professional language", "tactical empathy", "mean nasty street lizard", etc), and those awesome sound effects. WuSHAW! grin

I didn't get the sense that there was anything particularly gentle about this method. It is very powerful, takes tremendous inner strength and discipline. Really remarkable man. RIP Doc Rhino.

"When you get out there, it's always showtime."
"What happens in the shadow, in the grey regions, also interests us all that is elusive and fugitive, all that can be said in those beautiful half tones, or in whispers, in deep shade." ~ The Brothers Quay

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