I'm becoming more and more convinced that organized religion will continue to adapt to modern ideas, as it has in the past few centuries. It's essentially a problem that will take care of itself over time.

Some speculations:

Organized religion can not accommodate the new household gods that are coming into vogue. Rather, organized religion as we've traditionally known it will just insularize.

The way that Christianity is attacked these days is unprecedented in western history. Not that it hasn't been attacked, it's the frequency and sheer hate it's attacked with.

In 100 years radical feminist leaders will hold more clout than any preacher in the western world.

Though that's not positive. We're just trading one caterwauling, miserable, hypocritical set of morons for another. If anything I find the Christians to be a more pleasant lot. At least Christians have some values in common with me.

"My dear Insurgent you're an extremist, intolerant and you have prejudices. That's all."

"I am a fucking Satanist and desire in all of my being to be the Queen of the World if at all possible...."