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I have a question for you if you don't mind me asking.

Have you read The Satanic Scriptures by High Priest Peter Gilmore?

He covers this very subject in his book.

I read the Satanic Bible, but I haven't read that book yet. I did notice that it was available in e-reader format on Amazon, so I think I'll go get it now. Thanks for the tip!


Many of the essays were already on the website, so I had already read them. However, there was one theme relevant to Christianity which I hadn't considered, which was the focus on 'life after death' and how this could influence herd mentality.

Climate change has been a recent topic of some interest. I think the Christian worldview that our Earth is a transitory habitat on the way to Heaven allows them to see global warming as an irrelevant topic. If God is going to remake the world after it is destroyed as described in Revelations, what is the point of protecting anything? I see that as a very dangerous worldview, and something that cannot easily be changed so long as core Christian values, which elevate death over life, remain intact.

In addition, I occasionally contemplate that all of humanity is confined to Earth, and any natural or artificial disaster has the potential to completely wipe us out. Evolution has been stunted by Christian values not only on an individual scale, but also on the level of humanity as an organism. If self-preservation is our primary goal, it would seem that interstellar travel should not remain in the realm of science fiction, but should become a priority for scientific research. However, with Earth perceived as some holy ground, the very center of the universe that 'God' created, advancement in this direction will always be a minor endeavor. If only people with incredible resources (like Bill Gates) would focus on human advancement, rather than reducing the sum total of human suffering, we might see some progress. It's akin to stopping on the train tracks to apply a bandage to a skinned knee. The train is coming, it is inevitable. Unfortunately, we currently don't even have sensory input to tell us when to expect extinction. It could come in our lifetime, or 100 or 1,000 generations from now, there's no way to know. It should be terrifying, why isn't anyone scared?

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