I am not looking for understanding, or logic, or anything that anyone else desires. If you happen to align with my thoughts then we have had the joy of sharing a moment of desire without envy and should celebrate with a high five. I just threw my hand up in the air in case any of you decided to share a thought at any time throughout this "introduction essay".

For far too long I have remained in the dark to the hypocrisy of man, and to the Hell that is the control being settled around the neck of the future. It seems to be the trick of control. Gently winding the coils around the neck as you seduce your victim. Causing the only discomfort he ever feels (at least to the degree of causing harm) is in the sharp jerk of a rope that breaks his neck. Frog in boiling water is better. These thoughts come from one who would not like to be on either side of that fiasco.

This of course seems to go against the creed of everyone. All religions and lines of thought coalesce into one thing. Division.

So why should any form of thought be subject to my scrutiny if not all can agree upon it? Is any knowledge worthwhile if it cannot destroy the idiocy of all? Or is all idiocy, and this cycle doomed.

To me knowledge is something that would destroy the fabric of the reality we accepted, like the unwhitting fool on the wrong end of a bad bargain he agreed too, and suggested. Sometimes I wonder if this paradox was just the whim of a God who chose to subject himself to expression with multiple-facets of will with his lover, testing to see if it would be boring to exist forever and without pain.

So I am a man with a sword to my throat, and I can't even see the danger of the moments as they pass.

Please, share with me my true thoughts. Thoughts unrestrained by ignorance for I am God and for too long I have listened to the part of myself that wishes to trap me in this misery. Tell me something that will help me win my wars, so I may help you win yours, and we may stand as soldiers in the body of ourself.

I want to laugh when you tell me good job because I will know it is me telling myself what I want to here and how I feel. However, we would be a different sparkle to the same diamond that is my uber-sexy ass.

Sorry, bi-polar. Literally. As in from the human perspective. Get overjoyed thinking about the end of this farce.