Humans, how I love to loathe most of thee.

Poor people are breeding incessantly and multiplying at an astonishing rate. This is the main reason why our economic system is being hit so hard.

Why should my hard earned dollar be given to unemployed, lazy, pathetic individual that has nothing to contribute to society, but more humans? I dislike liberals and humans rights activists / advocates. It shouldn’t have to help those that do not wish to help themselves.

All of these social programs, welfare checks and EBT cards should be abolished and the money goes into Military and Law Enforcement and Space Technology. How can we further advance as a nation, if we keep contributing to the weak? As the strong continues to march on, the weak are permitted, allowed and even encouraged to not move at all, all the while draining our resources and of course……making more humans.

The infestation of human rats in the inner city is horrendous. These people do absolutely nothing with their lives except Sleep, Do Drugs, Drink, Eat, and Shit and of course…..make more humans. Of course, these people are unable to provide for the little humans, let alone themselves. Oh, but guess what? The Government has a special social program for them.

“Can’t afford medical care?” Tax the Police officers even more
“Can’t afford a steak dinner?” Tax the Firefighters even more
“Can’t afford baby formula?” Tax anyone making more than $100,000 a year even more
“Want to have another child?” Tax, Tax, Tax……….

People are sickening, and the people that vote and agree with these programs are even more detestable. If you are receiving any form of Government aid and you are jobless, non-productive, have more than one child, an addict, an alcoholic, an occupier, etc….than you are a human rat that needs to be extinguished.

I am done venting.