>> the money goes into Military and Law Enforcement and Space Technology. <<

I'm not convinced that particular prognosis would work as a solution.

But otherwise I agree. Here in the UK there is a pandemic of socialism creeping over the populace. It is acceptable for someone to be an innefectual waste of space - but not acceptable for anyone to point it out.

However, Sloth is intrinsic to human nature. I myself do not believe in work.

Work kills.

I fully understand why anyone would refuse to be a slave to governments and corporations. Slavery did not end with the blacks, it was extended to include everyone.

It seems possible to me that the human race is evolving towards homogeny. Corporations have succeeded where religions failed in uniting the human race. Identities are now bought off the peg on the high street.

Socialism, yes, is a problem. It loves the wastrel. But as Charles Bukowski pointed out: people don't need love, they need success of some kind.

For as long as governments exist in their current incarnation as the stronghold of society then people will be born into slavery; and thus an unhappy populace will infest the streets.

A world where people are free to discover their own purpose is the only solution, the only way we'd have a society where people do not look for their escape in unproductive persuits.

Abolish money. Abolish slavery. We need a completely different engine for the world. We need governments that are subservient to human potential, not a society that is subservient to governments. Work kills. Unless it is our own work.

It's not as simple as exterminating the rats.
Human beings are as significant as a cigarette burn in the sun.