Those are some pretty blanket statements:
If you are receiving any form of Government aid and you are jobless, non-productive, have more than one child, an addict, an alcoholic, an occupier, etc….than you are a human rat that needs to be extinguished.

I won't say which category I might fall under, or have at some time, but as far as estinguishing goes, I dare you to try wink

Actually, to be fair, theoretically I and many Satanists agree--in principle, but the sad fact is that sometimes shit happens to good people and they need a bit of assistance to get through it, and we all know this and we all make exceptions for that friend, or family member or ourselves. Yet, wouldn't it make more sense to avoid these issues by controlling the breeding rather than extinguishing the breeders?

Again I say the cure for all the world's ills: Mandatory reversible sterilization at birth for every human on the planet. You then decide which country has the best "You can breed if..." laws.

Magistra, Church of Satan/
Autocrat of the Damned