Reverend Drake_Bamboozle,

I appreciate what you're saying about work and slavery and money and peoples' "need" for government do do everything for them.

I have thought of it before as well, how corporate consumerism has replaced religion in many countries.

But, say you abolish that whole economic/cultural system: you really don't think something filling the same role would take its place?

I think it's just human nature that most people need a strong sense of identity and belonging in a herd, and they'll seek it out. Then, a smaller number of people are savvy and opportunistic, and will provide the dumber people with what they want. It can be religion, or it can be iPhones and clothing labels. People like symbols and groups and feeling special.

Satanists are anti - herd conformity, but, I don't think herd conformity can be eliminated from everyone else, without tinkering with human brains and/or genes directly.

I DO think government, economics and culture can improve to suit us, and other free-thinking sorts better, but, it can only go so far.