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Can one truly be born a Satanist given the reality of having a christian family and believing at one point the christian doctrine ?

The notion that Satanists are "born, not made" doesn't mean that all Satanists have been in perfect philosophical alignment with Satanism since birth. Surely you've read the chapter "The God You Save May Be Yourself" from The Satanic Bible? At the very least, "born, not made" means that when a Satanist has finally found out about Satanism and embraced the title, it's because they find find a natural resonance with it. At the very least, "Born, not made" is a reminder that this isn't a religion that anybody can just convert to via willful devotion.

Being raised by Christian parents with Christian dogma (or with any other particular religion or ideology, for that matter) is obviously no guarantee that the child is going to have the same belief system as an adult. This is evidenced by the fact that there are so many ex-Christians in the world, not to mention ex-Muslims or ex-[whatever one's parents are].

These questions are for anyone to answer.

Well, no kidding. That's why they're in the "General Discussion" section. wink
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