Hello. I'm really pleased to see you again. I thought you gave up the internet altogether. smile

I think there are no one method to do so , but a complexity of rational thoughts and communications to deconstruct the mind to the point the mind is able to take facts, experiences, and evidences to see the possibilities of a World without a god or gods.

I see you switched to some postmodern discourse. Deconstruction of the mind, it sounds like an epic project. Good luck with this, just be careful not to drive anyone nuts. grin

Seriously, it is easier to convert someone to another monotheistic religion than to atheism. Many people who gave up their religion in favour of atheism were not really religious from the very beginning. They often practiced their religion, because of their parents' pressure or because of the tradition. Like in Poland, on Christmas and Easter nearly everybody goes to church, even when they do not believe, because they are used to it, because they do not want to disappoint their families, because it is a national tradition. However, when someone has a need for god or gods and feels comfortable with it, he will not exchange it for atheism or Satanism. Why? Because he would start having mental problems; insecurity, the feeling of emptiness, fear, remorse and so on.

the impossibility of helping them understand,not converting them, about Satanism; is possible...It is possible for every human , but for every human , it is impossible.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn. Well that's alright because I like the way it hurts.