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However, I find it difficult to believe in magic, curses, etc. I cannot believe in something without evidence which is ultimately why I'm an atheist.

Well Satanists are all atheists too, so obviously you're missing the boat here. If you feel you need other people to validate each and every experience of your own life, then I'd say you have far bigger problems that go beyond the ritual chamber.

In having read The Satanic Bible three times, surely you recall "The definition of magic, as used in this book"? And further down that "It is purely an emotional, rather thin intellectual, act"? What part of this don't you get? The introduction to the book also says "Herein you will find truth -- and fantasy. Each is necessary for the other to exist; but each must be recognized for what it is."

Again, if you have some sort of compulsion to externally validate everything, and can't knowingly suspend disbelief for even 20 minutes, then I can't imagine you're enjoying much of life in the first place. How do you even watch a movie, or read any work of fiction, or "lose yourself" in a great piece of music? If you HAVE done these sorts of things and enjoyed them, then why can't you do it with a pair of black candles and Sigil of Baphomet on the wall?

but my mind can't just seem to accept the whole magic thing.

You should really ask yourself why, then make sure you're not making rationalizations based on misconcpetions. See above.

is it possible to be a Satanist and oppose the idea of the belief in magic?

In short, no. This isn't because there are some sort of demands to believe in supernatural claims, as you erroneously have assumed. It's also not the case that formalized ritual is a requirement for all Satanists. Rather, when you look at the reasons why people such as yourself want to immediately reject it, there's some conflict there with core Satanic philosophy. It seems silly and self-defeating to insist you can't "believe in something without evidence", without even bothering to try something for yourself. It's rather like concluding a band can't possibly be appealing to you without ever first hearing one bit of their music for yourself.
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