Interesting points from everyone, I like reading others opinions.

Let me try and clarify / respond to what some of you have said.

I am not intimidated or threatened by these leeches. I simply disgust thier philosophy and way of life.

Government aid should be given to tose that need it and or deserve it. By this I mean....The returning Marine from combat that has been disabled by enemy fire. The wounded Police Officer and Firefighter. The retired individual that has contibuted to society and worked hard. All others receiving government aid, need to show motivation that they are trying to get back on their feet. If not, and all they want to do is lounge around, do drugs and bleed the system, extermination or deportation is a must!

Anarchy is completely ridiculous. People as a whole need to be controled by the Government is some fasion or another. I support and love Capitalism. Yes, it is not a system for the un-motivated sloth. You don't like it? Move 40 miles and south!

Since you need a license to do just about anything, breeding should be one of them.

The current government is placing too much emphasis on caring for the weak. While our tax dollars are being shelled out to welfare recipients, W.I.C., Section 8 housing, etc, the military is taking pay cuts and being scaled back, DoD is receiving less money, all the while the eneimes of the United States build thier military personel and technology.