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Unfortunately, in many areas, such as in my state, most of those underprivileged little bastards have no intention of learning, bring weapons to school, and steal and vandalize on every chance they can.

I am very much in favor of students with high I.Q.s to be given the chance to excel in education and land higher paying jobs. This is why I am also in favor of chartered schools -- free public schools that offer higher quality classes but at the same time have much higher standards for acceptance.

My high school was affiliated with a technical center where students could choose to take classes learning practical skills, while still earning high school credit. Not everybody is an academic and bound for college, yet the vast majority of public schools are trying to force students into this one mold. Many high school students realize this, and would rather be little hellions than waste their time taking classes that are no good to them.

Allowing students to choose between an academic and a practical education is one way to improve the education system. I would probably have turned out to be just another shitstain if I didn't go to such a good school. The quality of education sets a limit on the quality of an individual, except for those with incredible talent and ambition.