>> Again I say the cure for all the world's ills: Mandatory reversible sterilization at birth for every human on the planet. You then decide which country has the best "You can breed if..." laws. <<

But then that would be the government who decides the criteria. And the criteria would be work and taxes. The mandate for complete and utter slavery.

It seems to me that our blueprint for governments is fundamentally wrong.

Ah, but you forget, my friend, that I am a complete American tool! I buy all that patriotic for the people crap, hook, line, and sinker.

...with a bit of a twist: We get the governement we ourselves fight for. I don't like all this going about spreading democracy. People who are ready for democracy will spill their own blood for it, not wait for it to be gotten for them. My country suffered through a revolution and a civil war to make a statement about what they wanted for a government, and perhaps some day it will happen again, but saying the government decides things is really just owning up to what we, collectively, allow. (yeah, that was a long winded sentency-lecture thing.)

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Autocrat of the Damned