Witch Zaftig,

I like your post, and would like to add:

Satanists are not required by the religion itself, or by the Church of Satan to endorse any particular political opinions, though many Satanists do hold political opinions.
(If you haven't read High Priest Peter Gilmore's "Policy on Politics", I recommend you do, on the Church of Satan website.)

Satanists are adaptable pragmatists in everyday life, and in political positions.

Therefore, I may hold certain high-minded, fantastic ideals of how I'd LIKE the world to work, ("Everyone should be essentially self-sufficient, imaginative, and free-thinking, and take responsibility for themselves") but recognize that that's just not the way things are.

Some things will change some won't, but, thinking from how things are, my political opinions are pragmatic...say for example, that keeping large numbers of people alive in their own homes is preferable to violent dissatisfaction in the form of mobs on the streets.

Think about what the ACTUAL results of policies would be, rather than what you want them to be.