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There is a seminal older book about Native Americans whose name/author I cannot recall, with a famous quote I'll try to get close.

In the book, a White guy is expressing envy over the "easy carefree" lifestyle Indians have on the reservation, surrounded by amazing natural beauty, not being bound by an office job, etc.

An Indian responds:

"Can you eat a rainbow, can you feed it to your hungry kids? Can you track down and butcher a sunset, put it on a plate with fine bloody juices, and make your wife happy? Can you fit a babbling brook into next weeks shopping list so your Grandmother doesn't starve"?

Something like that.

Grass, fence, greener.

Yes. But Red Indians are another example of a group that has played the victim card for years. Been bleating about their rights to leap through rainbows high on substances since the year dot.

And lo and behold when the white man comes offering to share food aplenty all they got was "white man speaks with forked tongue" and expressing a desire to scalp the proverbial hand that feeds them.

And now all this shit about how you can't eat a rainbow? No shit, Sherlock. Fuck em.
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