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If Satanism is your religion, and you are a student, and you wish to write about it, and you in no way claim (or even seem to imply) that you speak in an official capacity for the Church of Satan, and are clear in what and how you write that you only speak for yourself alone and are expressing personal opinions from your personal perspective, why not?

PS Say hello to The Wizard for me if you see him; we had some rip roaring discussions years ago in Cathedral Square. Something about maps being upside down or not. wink

Thanks for the clarity of position.

Ahh the Wizard of Chch.
As far as i know he "retired" from giving speeches in the square a few years ago and now lives in a wee town called Oamaru.
That is a place that really suits him.
There is a colourful collection personalities living there.

When i was a kid i was given a map of how the wizard viewed the world.
New Zealand was on top.
When you looked at it, it was like the whole world "reversed."

Pretty unique thing , but i lost it as i grew older.