I'm pretty much your standard Satanist, "an atheistic misanthrope with a sense of the dramatic," as I think our High Priest once put it, somewhere, maybe in his book. Life is harsh, bizarre, and stupid, and we do a lot of it to ourselves - but there's beer and books, and blondes and brunettes, and redheads too, and if you know where to look, you'll find 25 burgers to choose from - so drink a toast to Satan, or five or six, if you've money to burn and friends at your table.

I have a black and white female cat named Boots who follows me around like a dog, so I mustn't be too obnoxious in close proximity. Something I share with our High Priest is a fondness for Godzilla and other kaiju. That Firefly was cancelled confirmed for me the validity of my misanthropy. I would play video games if I didn't suck at them. I take it as a given that there's no such thing as an honest politician at any level or in any branch of government. I have a Kindle and I've stocked it with a great many old books and even some new ones, all of them free. I dislike hard liquor but I like various wines, in particular honey wine, and most beers. I exercise vigorously four times a week, eat a lot of pizza, and have tattoos on my arms. I'm on Facebook under this same name if anyone cares. I'm heterosexual.

Emilio Largo is a villain in the James Bond movie, Thunderball. His theft of nuclear weapons from NATO and then his threat to set them off in either the USA or England appeal to the same closet nihilist in me that Godzilla appeals to. He's Italian, as am I.

I'm here for the pleasure of your company, and I hope in return to give you the pleasure of mine.
Elite because we smell the bullshit and do not deign to wallow in it.