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Poor people are breeding incessantly and multiplying at an astonishing rate. This is the main reason why our economic system is being hit so hard.

The economy isn't in the gutter due to an overcrowded poverty department. Things are more complicated than that.

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Why should my hard earned dollar be given to unemployed, lazy, pathetic individual that has nothing to contribute to society, but more humans? I dislike liberals and humans rights activists / advocates. It shouldn’t have to help those that do not wish to help themselves.

"Unemployed" is not a synonym for "lazy" and "pathetic". This may be your opinion on them, but really... Barkley's is letting over three thousand people go, just to name one example. All of them are going to be unemployed soon and in tough waters trying to find new employment. Most people find themselves out of a job due to circumstances beyond their power to control.
I don't understand why you wrote this sentence, " I dislike liberals and humans rights activists / advocates." in there. Stream of consciousness maybe? Anyway... I am a liberal and I advocate human rights. I am convinced that people deserve equal chances to grow and better themselves so that they can contribute what they can to further a world worth living in. It is not about helping those who won't help themselves. Again, things are more complicated than that.

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All of these social programs, welfare checks and EBT cards should be abolished and the money goes into Military and Law Enforcement and Space Technology. How can we further advance as a nation, if we keep contributing to the weak? As the strong continues to march on, the weak are permitted, allowed and even encouraged to not move at all, all the while draining our resources and of course……making more humans.

Well, here is one of the problems. Too much money has been spent in the past to keep the U.S. military in a steady cash-flow. The educational system and the infrastructur have been put on hold for too long. I have seen cities in the U.S. that looked like something from a third world country. Talk about pathetic.
Space technology is a very interesting field. I have always been fascinated by the idea of exploring worlds "out there", but I also understand that humans are not ready to do so. The issues at hand have to fixed first. Spending millions on space programs while schools aren't able to supply computer access to their students. Seems really rather silly.

I am not going to quote the rest of your post. It is full of biases and finger-pointing. If you needed to vent about an issue that really seems to piss you off, I'd suggest letting it all go in a good old ritual. And if the topic still bothers you, do some research and do something about it. Personally, I think that talking about extinguishing a specific group of people because it is easy to make them the scape-goat of an economic crisis is a disturbing thought. It has been done in the past and in some places they are still doing it. As far as I know, it never came to any good for anybody.
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