Most of us here, I suspect, hold a special place in our hearts for the villains of print and screen. One commonality among us, probably, is that we often find ourselves rooting for the bad guy. We want the arch enemy not only to win, but to find happiness in doing so, and get the girl or guy besides, if there's one to be gotten. Perverse? Perhaps. Or maybe - Satanic.

In this thread, please draw attention to some villain, of either gender, of any species if the genre is sci-fi or fantasy, and of any medium, even video games.

I will give a shout out to Sylar of the much maligned Heroes TV show, the first season of which held my attention very well, probably because in that season Sylar was allowed to be unambiguously bad, driven, and dangerous. What I love about him is his quiet nature, his soft way of speaking, his stillness, his deceptive gentleness. He's like a kitten. A kitten with a dragon's bite and appetite.

Elite because we smell the bullshit and do not deign to wallow in it.