Satanic Salute Everyone,

I mailed off my: registration, active membership form and $200.00 today. Looking forward to becoming a part of the CoS and aligning myself with a Satanic Cabal. I am from Centralia, IL. last Grotto I recall around here was in St. Louis MI. However they do not appear to have a website any longer. I am interested in making contact with Mid West Regional Satanists, so feel free to message me. In the meantime I await the processing of my CoS application.

My first introduction to Satanism was when I was 14 years old and now I am 30. An older friend of mine gave me a copy of the Satanic Bible it put into further perspective views I already had. Ever since it has shaped me and my worldview. Most of my Satanic Rituals where done in individual setting. It was always challenging to find others that could take a more active role in ritual.

I am interested in working with others toward the 5 point program, especially the strict taxation of all churches. Would be nice to get a petition together and a list to demonstrate the benefits to society if we had the churches taxed. Also find out what government officials to have demonstrations at their offices perhaps to influence change in this area.

Anybody think bumper stickers that say tax the church petition with a simple link would help?

Hailias Satanas!