Here is the Oxford definition of the word conscious.


aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.

• having knowledge of something; aware:we are conscious of the extent of the problem

• (conscious of) painfully aware of; sensitive to:he was very conscious of his appearance

• concerned with or worried about a particular matter:they were growing increasingly security-conscious

• (of an action or feeling) deliberate and intentional:a conscious effort to walk properly

• (of the mind or a thought) directly perceptible to and under the control of the person concerned.

A lucid dream is any dream that one is aware they are dreaming. So why doesn't lucid dreaming qualify as being conscious?


Would you trust your judgement in a lucid dream with a decision that meant long-term serious consequences to your waking life?

Lucid dreams have been proven to have positive effects on health which could be argued a long-term effect.

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