Radio Free Satan is proud to present a brand new show: Confessions of a Wicked Witch, with Magistra Ygraine! The witch will be sharing her Satanic wisdom on a variety of topics of Satanic interest, including Total Environments, Satanic parenting, interviews, readings, and even the occasional hex. The debut episode includes what it means to be a witch, what lead Magistra Ygraine on to the Left-Hand Path, exposing the “Satanaflipperoos”, and more. A Halloween episode is also planned for the week of the 31st.

This ain’t your adolescent Wiccan podcast — hear the real wickedness from the real witch!

Reverend Bill M. Carnal Comedy Clips, Netherworld Novelty Numbers,
New hour every week. Download the mp3 now! Tales of Combat Clutter and other Adventures

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