I'm seeing blue highlighted popup links on the board.

My wife told me she had to re-download Firefox a few days ago and I've noticed that some words on the board are highlighted and if you hover over it a little popup pops up. I noticed this after she downloaded it again. Is this a coincidence? I guess I can just overlook it, but it's still annoying to look at.

Is there a bug on the board or is there something I'm not doing to disable it? I already hit the Firebox button on the top left and went into the options and checked the block pop-windows in that window. Still nothing. And they're appearing sporadically on both of the before and after sign in pages. I don't think it's a malware issue because it's not happening on every website I go to. I'm thinking it's a goofy feature that is completely useless. Most of them are very small advertisements in little windows. Once in a while I'll have one pop up on my bottom right side of my screen. So, I'm thinking it's just something on my end.

Please help. smile

Thank you!

Edit: I tried taking some advice online to see if I can figure out this problem myself, and one person mentioned uninstalling the Adobe Flashplayer plugin from my conrol panel. Well, I did this and these links went away, but I was unable to watch anything on Youtube. I reinstalled it and it's back now. frown

I have the Flashplayer, ActiveX, and ReaderX showing in my control panel...if that helps.

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