Discovering the Satanic God
The Achievement of Infinite Self-Esteem

An mp3 recorded audio program

The purpose of this program is to reveal important truths about your life and to liberate you from the illusions that still enslave the masses of humanity so that you may live your life from an entirely new perspective, a Satanic enlightenment.

This enlightenment is not a pointless search for mystical oneness. You will not be exposed to fantasies based on removing, hindering, or undercutting your ego. To the contrary, we will be revealing and working to directly experience what it is like to live from an entirely different recognition of your true nature and reality as it is.

This understanding can free you from the chains that enslave the herd of humanity who suffer endlessly and needlessly due to their misunderstanding of some simple and obvious but seldom understood truths.

We will explore these truths together but more than that we will strive to enable this new understanding to become a part of your new normal perspective.

Once you see things as they really are your eyes will be opened ...and you will SEE!

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