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Hello to everyone.
Cosemporium is still close. So, I tried to purchase the sigil of baphomet through zazle.com , which link I found on CoS site .
Each time when I enter my adress, I get an error. Icontacted with administration, but they can't explain the reason oferror. I treid to use different browesr on different computers. I tried to use TOR. The same result.
I absolutle can't understand, what's happend. Can anyone help me with my purchaising?

Link and reference to unauthorized merchandise removed.

Hmm, guess it is unauthorized. Well, here's a link to Warlock Bloodfire's Medallion. .

It's not the official CoS trademarked Baphomet, but my own goat head design. It was listen on the CoS news page. Only one left. No more being made.

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