On New Year's Eve, Magus Peter Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan posted this:

As we enter into the 50th year of the existence of the Church of Satan, we have chosen to reflect on the vitality of our philosophy as it has been applied by our members towards the enhancement of their lives. We invite all of our members worldwide to contact us to let us know about themselves and how Satanism has played a role in the pursuit of their goals. In celebrating the continued growth of our organization, we have plans to honor this landmark, beginning on Walpurgisnacht of this year, 2015 c.e. and culminating on Walpurgisnacht of 2016 c.e., the night marking the 50th anniversary of our founding by Magus Anton Szandor LaVey.

Members should contact us via email (administration@churchofsatan.com) using the subject “Year 50” and their name. Please include a scan or photo of your red card identifying yourself as a member along with your current state or government-issued photo ID confirming your identity and current address so that we may update our files. Please include a summary of your accomplishments and plans for your future. Also, if you are interested, request to be informed regarding events and other undertakings which we have in the works in commemoration of this historic occasion. Please note that in addition to our news feed we employ Facebook to host an unofficial group that you may approach directly as well as an official group for members only that you can request to join once your membership and identity have been confirmed.

You can read the HP's full New Year's Eve message by clicking here.

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