People who use Facebook may have run across some page or another claiming to be "The Church of Satan". Almost all of these are obvious fakes that get routinely reported and taken down. There is one and only one official, public group on Facebook for the Church of Satan, and its link is below. This is is the same one linked from the official page (, and it posts the same content that you find on the COS news feed on the official site.

For those looking for a public forum on Facebook to discuss Satanism and COS-related topics, I suggest the Unofficial CoS group:

It's unofficial, but it's run by a panel of COS members who do the admin duties of keeping out the trolls, spammers, and proselytizers.

There are also a number of private/secret groups that COS members have set up only for fellow COS members, as well as the countless pages for whatever businesses and projects that our members run and promote. But again, there is only one "official" Facebook page for the COS, the first link!

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