THE DEVIL'S DIARY XXIV: Walpurgisnacht L A.S.

Witches & Warlocks crest upon devil winds, illuminated by lightning and hellfire to gather at Sabbaths dire, for Pleasure and Power! By the gloom of candle light's flicker, and the dusking horizon, turn these arcane pages filled with forbidden undefiled knowledge, Magic & Sorcery...

This grimoire issue materializes through darksome portals of diabolical thought to bring forth essays on sinful unholydays of Friday the 13th, Loki Day, Mardi Gras; Seasons In Hell activities, I-Theistic contemplations, theories on Witch Jayne Mansfield, spontaneous human combustion; plus Reign In Hell, misanthropic observations, Satanic Serenades, The Black Earth, the strange Tales From The Shadowside, Nefarious News, Malefick Musick, The Shadow Gallery, plus many more secrets & mysteries arising from the shadows. ∞

* 6X9, 60 pp.

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