Raising Hell is a discussion and education oriented podcast which takes an honest approach to promoting the individualist nature that Satanists are born with, and emboldening our own youth to rise above herd-conformity through responsible parenting.

By instilling in our children the critical thinking, self-awareness and infinite-self esteem of a Satanic mindset, we can ensure that we provide them with every opportunity to excel. Yet, we can only spark the flame and stoke the fire. How they choose to use this conflagration is ultimately up to them. As it should be.

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Our latest episode is now available;

R.H. Ep III – June 10th, 2015, The Birds and the Bees

RAISING HELL – On Lusty Babysitters and the Genius of P, with Special Guest COS Priestess Josephine Seven!
1. Grownup Grotto – The Duggars – Parenting Fail Award of the Year
2. Handbook for Hellions – Get’em Young and Teach Em’ Right! Sexuality Education

*Check out the Literature page for some very informative books on Sexuality Education, courtesy of Josephine Seven*
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"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."
- General George S. Patton Jr.