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Is it me to think it's stupid to discriminate between different satanists?

That sentence didn't make any grammatical sense. If you're asking whether it's stupid to point out the difference between real Satanists and pseudo-Satanists (e.g., devil worshipers and the like), the answer is obviously no.

It's classic for groups to ridicule each other's ingenuity but all look the same on the outside.

People who think that we "look the same on the outside" as these pointless pseudo-Satanic groups need to be enlightened.

Waste of energy too. Who's gaining from telling other people aren't doing it right?

The Church of Satan (the first organization in history calling themselves "Satanists" and having a fully defined religion called "Satanism") has been actively explaining the differences now for almost half a century. Do you think that's a "waste"? Your writing isn't very clear.

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