I would like to invite you to tune into a new project John H Shaw and myself have started. It's called Third Side, and it's a bi-monthly live-streaming vidcast. Our positioning statement is 'Navigating Popular Culture by Black Flame', which means each episode we tackle a singular topic with a special guest through our individual third side perspectives. We live stream each episode and encourage our viewers to interact with the show through the live chat on our YouTube channel, youtube.com/c/Thirdsidenetwork.

We currently have our pilot live stream - 07 August, LI A.S. featuring Adam Cardone, and our first public live stream - 21 August, LI A.S. featuring Peter H. Gilmore available. We are about to live stream our next episode - 04 September, LI A.S.. However, if you can't tune in live, you can watch every episode on our YouTube Channel, iTunes, Stitcher or our RSS feed.

You can connect with Third Side by subscribing to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page or follow our Google+ page. You can get updated on new live stream showtimes and a synopsis of the previous live stream by subscribing to our email list.

Below is some additional information about the show and its hosts. We hope you will join us.

About Third Side

Third Side is a live internet show with hosts John H Shaw and Adam P Campbell. Join them as they discuss popular culture, leaving nothing off the table, and having a hell-of-a good time in the process, with or without you! The show will run the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Follow us on social media or join our email list for up-to-date information.

Website: thirdsidenetwork.com
Email: info@thirdsidenetwork.com

About Reverend Adam P Campbell

Reverend Adam P Campbell is a Priest in the Church of Satan and professional Graphic Designer. He is the creator of 9sense Podcast which ran from XLVI A.S. to LI A.S. He also created Satanists on Satanic Cinema, a Satanic film riff-track project that is currently undergoing a format rebrand.

Email: adam@thirdsidenetwork.com

About Reverend John H Shaw

Reverend John H Shaw is a Priest in the Church of Satan and professional Designer, Developer and Film Maker. He is the owner of iSatanist, a Satanic artifacts and jewelry distributor. He is also the Co-Host of the weekly podcast The Devil You Know with Warlock Dorian Grey.

Email: john@thirdsidenetwork.com

~ Reverend Campbell
Speak of the Devil