I am not yet a official member of the CoS, but I do consider myself a Satanist. I have studied both the Satanic Bible, and the Satanic Scriptures, as well as many other articles that the Church has made public. I was raised Lutheran, but I never could let myself believe what they were trying to shove down my throat. I would sit in church and just watch the other people, wondering how they could possible allow themselves to just follow along blindly and accept everything they were being told, and felt immense guilt for not following suit. I've always been a skeptic, in every aspect of my life, from religion, to the true feelings and intentions of those around me. I take nothing at face value. I seek knowledge, and that is harder and harder to find these days. The philosophies taught by the CoS are a breath of fresh air. They are how I was already trying to live my life, but added so much more fire to it that I was, in essence, reborn (for lack of a better phrase).

On to the question (finally)...The only part I have trouble getting a grasp of is the rituals. I know they are optional, and are meant to be more of a personal, therapeutic activity to release pent up emotions and desires, but if you were truly living a Satanic lifestyle, wouldn't those be released in your everyday life? If you want that new job, work hard and make it happen. If you want that sexy neighbor girl, go talk to her. Why the need to play theater and make it all dramatic? (I hope this does not offend anybody. I understand it works for some people, and I completely respect that.)

The other part of the rituals I don't understand is the calling of the names of demons. Like I stated before, I was raised Christian, but have long since disowned the idea of gods/devils, but to me it's like even if you're 99.9% sure the gun is not loaded, it's still not wise to hold it to your head and pull the trigger. Plus, by calling the names of demons, even if it is just for dramatic affect, isn't it still, in a way, giving power to those imaginary deities to which we do not believe?

Sorry for rambling...

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