Visually (and musically) I'm 100% the Black Metal Warlock. In terms of skills, I'm 100% the Everyman. Being a maintenance lead for apartments will do that to a person. Personality wise, which is where the real magic happens, it's mainly between the two aforementioned, plus an element or two of all the others aside from the romantic rake.

Aside from where I fall on that spectrum, the book is phenomenal. I purchased one of the limited 666 special editions and the physical quality was more then anything I could have ever hoped for. Hard cover, leather bound, gold page edges and a gilded Sigil of Baphomet on the cover. But that pales in comparison to the content within. I was somewhat expecting, and would have had no objections to it being, a heavy reworking of The Satanic Witch worded for males. But I was wrong. The Satanic Warlock stands immensely strong all on it's own. Just thinking about the amount of time, research, interviewing and effort that went into writing this book simultaneously inspires and exhausts me. An absolutely essential book for any Satanist. It will help men figure out what women look for in a potential mate, things to do and not do, and practical advice that can be applied unilaterally to be a better Satanist. And it will show women that, no matter how easy you think it is to manipulate a man, it's even easier then that, and that females really are the dominant sex.

There is no meaning to life, no purpose, no reason for existence, and nothing matters. What better reason for debauchery and indulgence could there be?