Hi, Im Tom

Been a born again christian for the last DECADE and currently regret so many years of brainwashing from my own lies. Im about half way read through The Satanic Bible and would LOVE a mentor as I continue to learn. As well, the invocations towards the conjurations of lust, destruction and compassion, REALLY interest me. because....

lust- SADLY. has been avoided as much as poossible in my previous faith....not gonna say Im a virgin, but pretty damn near close to it.

destruction- I am sick and tired of all of these people Im supposed to love unconditionally while they step all over me.

as well as compassion- upon myself for letting so many people destroy my dignity and me doing nothing about it. before I was a christian, I destroyed anyone who looked to hurt me....instead of just absorbing the blow and letting others do damage.

SO frustrated with christian faith right now. turning the other cheek sucks. bashing them on theirs again, sounds much better.
all of my pastors were untrustworthy and Im sick and tired for feeling guilty for breathing/sinning for everyting I do.

Im on long island new york....Id assume Id need a femnale mentor as well? I dont really see myself having sex with a male at the moment (no offense.)

shoot me an email:TheTallOne85@aol.com