Hey everyone,

So I'm still new to Satanism. I've read the many txts referred to me: Satanic bible, Satanic rituals, and Satanic witch. I think I've read 4, but I'm having a brain fart in regards to the title of the book. The one question I find myself asking is, if we don't believe in Satan, demons etc....what do we believe in? When we perform works of greater/lesser magic, who do we believe makes them happen? I'm having a little trouble putting that together. We don't believe in Satan, but say, "Hail Satan". Is that just a way to show rebellion to the other established religions? I'm begining to get used to the idea of Satanism, and find myself using some of our rules i.e don't give advice to someone unless they asked etc (I was terrible about that previously) I'm comfortable saying hail Satan, but I find myself kinda lost between atheist Satanism, which is what Dr. Lavey is all about, and Satanism that believe in Satan as a diety. Can someone please clarify this for me? Thanx in advance.

Hail Satan 👿