Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering whether or not people openly announce that they are a satanist? I only ask this as equality is part of the law now and every workplace has to follow the quality act of not judging someone based on their beliefs.

However, in the Frequently asked questions section of the website there is a question regarding openly announcing if you are a satanist in the military. This is discouraged due to the possibility of personal vendettas of those around you in the military.

This all brings me to the conclusion that surely people should be allowed to openly discuss their religion and the philosophies that they follow, but at the same time there is still this misconception about satanism as being "evil".

So I was just wondering what satanists do when it comes to openly announcing that you're a Satanist both in the workplace, as well as with friends and family? Would you encourage it? or would you discourage it?

Thank you

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