(My bad for posting this in the wrong forum before, below is just a direct copy of what I asked before but I was told it would be better to put it here.)

Hi, I'm curious, when the Church of Satan calls for stratification, and removing egalitarianism, what groups is it is suggesting aren't equal. From reading more on it, it seems like people with low intelligence, but I just want to make sure, does Satanism at all promote discrimination based on sexuality (though what I've read on the Church of Satan's website says that they are accepting of all sexualities), gender, race, or other characteristics like that? Thank you. My next question is about the 11th Satanic Rule of The Earth, where it says not to bother anyone in public. What would qualify as bothering someone? For example, I would think if I see a friend in public, it would be fine to go up and say hi to them. Another is the 1st Satanic Rule, about not giving advice or opinion unless asked for them. If a friend comes to me with a problem or something bothering them that I think I can help with, should I give advice then? Thank you, and I apologize if it seems like I'm not thinking for myself, I just want to be very clear on what the church stands for before I affiliate myself with Satanism.