There is something majestic about ritualising in a chamber that is lit by a hundred candles.

You literally light up 100 candles? shocked Suit yourself, but I would never use more than two or three! I prefer the shadow effect in the chamber; for me anyway, it seems to open up my unconscious mind. Plus, I would be too concerned of a fire hazard.

In regards to reading the words to a ritual, I either have my "lines" memorized, or I read them from the lit screen of a tablet or a kindle. In this way I need not rely on illumination to facilitate reading.

What I do is typically, after a ritual, let the candles burn out after it's finished. This gives the ritual some additional "closure"

I prefer the finality of blowing out the candles, exclaiming "So it is done!", and then exiting a pitch black room back out into "normal" day to day life. But that's just me. As they say, to each his own. smirk

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