I am new to this forum, and hoping to make a few friends, especially if you are in Utah. The story: 10 years ago I got in a flame war on LiveJournal with a Satanist. At the time, I was really into flame wars,and calling people "asshat" etc. I was telling the aforementioned Satanist that he or she was an idiot, and that a person who does not believe in an anthropomorphic Satan should call themselves a Me-ist or something. But through all my belligerent belittling, the Satanist remained calm and collected. He or she (they) knocked down my arguments with ease. But even more annoying to me, did not really seem to care much about convincing me. I got the impression that I was arguing with someone who was supremely self assured, and had nothing to prove. You can imagine that it got under my skin. I'm an atheist. I've read ayn rand. I know why Bertrand Russell is not a Christian. So I visited the cos website and started reading. I read The Satanic Bible. I read a lot of essays, and revisited nietzche. It took a long time, but as I was reading the "welcome" letter by Magistra Barton, the paragraph about leadership hit home. And then the hits kept coming! Truths broke through, and I finally understand. I am ready to call myself a Satanist. Hail Satan! I can't believe how liberated I feel. There is a little more pep in my step today as I consider the positive implications that await me, my wife, and my daughter as we explore and grow. I don't have too many questions yet. Maybe one. How am I going to break it to my mother?