You may be familiar with some of my posts around these boards and, if you are, you'll likely notice that I've become quite clued in to most of Satanism's primary literature. I've enjoyed the interaction (in the main), and have gotten a great deal of value out of the aforementioned published works, and am thinking of formally affiliating with the Church of Satan as a result.

The problem?

I'm not a Satanist, and don't identify as one; as such, I'm not sure if affiliation is appropriate.

The obvious question is why I'd want to affiliate, if I don't considering myself a Satanist - and, ultimately, it's a question of appreciation. I've been practicing Witchcraft for well over two decades now, have only recently come to Satanism over the last year or so, and have found its ritual approach, and consistency of social commentary, very beneficial... And enjoyable.

My coven have indirectly gained a lot from the material I've been using (properly credited, of course), and some of my studies are likely to see publication.

So, ultimately, it's a bit of a thumbs up. A lifetime membership isn't a lot of money, and seems to be a reasonable way of saying "thank you" to the Church of Satan for being part of my magical development.

I'm comfortable with whichever way the response goes.

Many thanks.