My mother doesn’t really like to think about it but I am open to her about it and my father would flip if he knew exactly what I was ““ doing “. They both know I have a dark library or at least had... I need to re-purchase them very very slowly.

My mom doesn’t care about my dark library and my Baphomet necklace and my dad doesn’t really care about my Baphomet necklace and doesn’t even look into my library but if he really knew what was going on he would probably die of a heart attack and I don’t want to kill the poor man.

Mom however is very open with me and she knows I’ve always had a penchant for the Darkside and things that are more unusual, mystical, etc.

Other people have asked me what my necklace “meant” and I said it’s a very personal thing and it would be complex to explain and have them understand.

I hope this message makes sense it’s 8:00 PM where I am and I just took a whole bunch of needed heavy medication (prescription of course) so I may not be making the most sense .


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