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Why should I join this form of Satanism? How is this organization different from others? I am an applicant who views his ideals as being inline with the basis of these Satanic ideals. But I want to know what is offered. It should be obvious that the only reason I would spend time working on an application is because I can see a potential to further myself by getting in line with those who want more than what is handed to them. So tell me why bother?

You might have better luck posting questions like these in the "Questions" forum.

Letters to the Devil is open to the public, meaning anyone with a computer can create an account and post responses here in the General Discussions area.

Meaning you MIGHT be getting accurate information, or you might be getting information from some idiot with no grasp of Satanism.

In the Questions forum, ONLY official spokespeople can post responses, meaning you're getting information directly from the source.

Just a suggestion.