As someone who is new to Satanism and Satanic magic in general, I’ve began to wonder when I should begin throwing my hat in and practicing greater magic.

I understand its use as cathartic psychodrama and know that when I feel the need to unleash tension or a desire I will employ it, but - at the beginning of their practise of Satanic magic, has anyone began just by ‘practising’ or having a 'dress rehearsal' to bridge that gap and to perhaps practice the projection of the ritual voice or ritual movements? Or to purely create some theatre for themselves, without any actual intention in mind, maybe by just performing the Invocation to Satan.

On a slightly different angle, My partner and I are about to move country and begin looking for a new jobs and so a lot of changes are around the corner. As a naturally anxious person I can get worried about this change and I wonder is it possible to curse those anxietys through a destruction ritual?

Or would a compassion ritual to inject more confidence, excitement and enthusiasm make more sense?

Interested to hear your opinions on both my questions!


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Say unto thine own heart, "I am mine own redeemer."- The Book of Satan, The Satanic Bible.