I hope I'm in the right place to post my first greeting here. I can see this is a highly regimented site with clear expectations of observing protocol, which I fully support. My vision isn't the best, and I want to follow the rules. I would like to say hello, and introduce myself. Before continuing, I would be delighted if a moderator would honor me with a kind reply with whether or not I'm posting in the right place, and how I might best represent myself to advantage on your fine site, while following precisely all the rules you have in place. As a veteran, I know exactly what rules are for, and as a Satanist, I know exactly why they are important. I would very much like to make an appropriate and gracious introduction among you, and I would ask your help and guidance in doing so, with consideration of the fact I DO have some vision problems, and I beg your understanding for my perhaps missing instructions that might be quite obvious to others.