I'm a natural born problem solver. Problem solving is linked to dopamine. Like Arthur Schopenhauer said in Studies in Pessimism, if every Jack had his Jill, people would either die of boredom, or start even more trouble. I think a lot of the drama that goes on in prison, the ghetto, the Middle East, etc. is just due to boredom.

I remember in college, the son of the CEO of American Standard was found banging on a wall with a hammer during finals week (while people were trying to study). When questioned, he said "I've been to Japan ten times...I've done everything there is to do. Even if I flunk out, I can just go work for my dad."

That's why it's a psychological fact that big events don't bring happiness, but little ones do, because then the rest of your life pales in comparison.

High hopes faint on a warm hearth stone, she travels the fastest who travels alone.