A toast to the Reverend!

Might I also add that people should cite things when they borrow from them too closely, instead of acting like the ideas were their own? Perhaps I've been writing too many research papers...damn plagiarism clauses...but people on this board should have enough respect for the folks that inspire them to give credit where it's due. Most follow through with this or indicate that they simply can't recall the source of their quotes, but still....some of the newer ones don't catch on so quickly (not a good sign).

And here is a salute to Rev. Svengali as well. Even in impassioned debate there should be, I would think, a standard of courtesy ( I'm not a straight "A" student, maybe a "B+"). Unclear statements, improper grammar and such can lead to misinterpretation. So, well said Reverend. Timely, accurate advice.
And here's to Ginger as well. Plagiarism is an unspeakable misdeed. Almost as bad is the habit of quoting someone completely out of context. Cheers.
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