I agree with Svengali completely, finding it difficult to understand why people would find "talking" to other intelligent individuals in a coherent manner unimportant. Personally, I'm usually quite stringent with my use of the English language (rare for a Scot!) for I have too much respect for other posters to go on shamelessly abusing the language I enjoy speaking. In saying that, I think the odd typo or spelling/grammatical error here and there is forgiveable - constant continuance of same however, is not.

I often muse at those who say;

"I know lots of people who are very intelligent, but who are not great writers"

Oddly, I don't know any. I write down what goes through my head, thus it's a primary source of my intellect. I am not hampered by an inability to write, because I am not hampered by an inability to think. I think Dr LaVey himself said it best;

"Many people who fall back on phrases like "more than words can say", "when words are not enough", or "beyond description", simply have limited vocabularies."

Plus, if someone knew their spelling and grammar is bad yet were intelligent, surely they would have sense enough to use a spellchecker.

Just my two pence.

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