Form is spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There is no excuse for lacking these basic skills. If you have a hard time with this, try writing your post in Word or whatever word-processing program that came loaded in your computer. Most of these programs are designed to correct basic errors of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Ah, I know this problem from some German forums. I also don't like it, when people write phrases as numbers, like: "h3ll0 h0w 4r3 y0u?" or alternately in BiG aNd SmAlL lEtTeRs. Or those who totally ignore the German grammar.
I, myself, have to say that I sometimes got the problem to eject my exact opinion in English (for example in this forum). But at least, I'm trying to do this, sometimes with using www.leo.org
An excellent translating program

I'm also NOT the type of person who says something without any explanation or reason. These people just don't know of what a discussion lives from.