I wanted to thank you for post. I can not promise You that my grammar or spelling will be flawless, but I will give it my best shot.
I am a newcomer and so far 99% of the time have found gracious welcome among the members of this board, but then I have also not started as of yet to voice my opinion or judgements on anything.
The more I read certain articles (is that correct for postings?), the more I question some of them. I have been reluctant to however disagree or offer up a question for correction.
I am one of those lesser looked at Witches. (If I understood one of the articles correctly, Witchcraft was right up there with Christianity and Wicca - which I don't appreciate at all). However I am forever in the search for more information and learning. I would love to discuss and ask some of questions. Maybe after your wonderful posting, I can find the "courage" to do so.
I do wish to become and be a productive member of this forum and after coming up with the required funds member of the CoS.
So thank you again and I hope that I did not show myself as to ignorant.
Live,learn, make mistakes but take responsibility for them. Laugh loud, cry hard, scream for joy or pain. Don't use words lightly, mean them to the core. If you say LOVE, mean deep love or use like. If you say HATE, mean hate not dislike. There is only one inexcusable act and that is not to be true to yourself and those you love. Treat others the way you want to be treated, but also treat them the way they treat you. Hit me and you better be the ONE I call Master or run. I will not turn the other cheek and if I do you better wonder what is in my mind or hand. Hurt my Children or my beloved Master and You better hide. You ask me what I am.....I AM